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Bippy | Blue Light Glasses

Bippy | Blue Light Glasses

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Kill Headaches & Increase Sleep Quality With Blue Light Glasses

We spend around 9 hours a day looking into a screen, without protecting ourselves... crazy right?

Unfortunately, the blue light produced from screens is damaging our eyes, ruining sleeping patterns, killing productivity and can cause migraines & headaches

Introducing the Bippy Blue Light Glasses block up to 40% of the harmful blue light produced from your everyday screens. Our glasses will eliminate migraines, headaches and sore eyes while improving your sleep and productivity.  

How Do Our Bippy Blue-Light Glasses Work?

How do they work? Put simply, our glasses have specialised lenses which block specific blue light wavelengths, therefore allowing all other colours on the spectrum through the lens apart from blue. 


All of our glasses go through thorough testing and block 100% of ultraviolet light and 96% of high-energy violet light up to 412 nm. From 412nm to 426nm we block 76% of blue-light. 

  • Model: Bippy Blue Light Glasses
  • Size: 14 x 4.5 x 2 (CM)
  • Frame: Alloy CP
  • Gender: Unisex
  • Lens: CR-39
  • Standards: UV400/UVB/UVA/CE/FDA


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