Why you should sleep 8+ hours as a student

It really intrigues me how many people neglect sleep.

They complain about the following:

  1. Feeling anxious
  2. Feeling tired (obviously)
  3. Feeling depressed
  4. Gaining weight
  5. Acne breakouts & wrinkles

The list goes on! 

They don't even know that a lack of sleep is directly correlated to these side effects. 

So why do people continuously neglect sleep?

It directly correlates to your quality of life.

Our glasses help improve your sleep by blocking blue light.

Blue light mucks around with your sleep hormones... 

This means your sleep quality dramatically decreases.

Even if you're getting your 8 hours,

Are they high quality?

No one ever talks about the quality of sleep, only the hours they slept...

Improve your quality of sleep and feel the difference.

Thanks for reading,


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