I wore blue light glasses for a week, here's what happened

So, here I am.

I get so many customers asking me if the glasses 'actually work'.

So I decided to re-test our glasses (I wear Aura in Gold).

I didn't wear my glasses for a week and measured my sleep every night.

Then proceeded to wear the glasses every night when the sun set (around 5pm in the UK) and measured the quality of my sleep.

The measured quality of my sleep by my deep sleep/REM sleep, using the Oura Ring - really good if anyone is interested haha.

I also just genuinely wanted to measure and see if I noticed a difference - this was more important to me than the facts on the Oura app...

So I want to keep it short but sweet, here are my results: 

Without Blue Light Glasses

My REM Sleep was around 1 hour 14 (~15%) per night.

My deep sleep averaging 1 hour 33 minutes (~19%) per night. 

Both should be around the 2-hour mark, but that's not bad!

With Blue Light Glasses

My REM Sleep averaged 1 hour 56 (~24%) per night! 

My deep sleep average 1 hour 38 minutes (~20%) per night!

I also genuinely felt a lot better.

Obviously, these are just my results and they can vary from person to person!

But I hope this gave you an insight into how our blue light glasses can help you sleep better.

Thanks for reading!


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